Hey-Hey-Hey, the Photoshop Tutoriab is now underway again, with the help of JihadSquad, it should be out soon.

We're still looking for more hands! If you're interested in being part of the Tutoriab, Pm me!

I2T - Indestruc2Tank

2007-07-24 05:35:39 by Zeppekk

Yeah, The creator of the awesome Indestructo Tank, the-exp If you're wondering what, it's the menu. I made it all. I would give a preview of the menu, but they want the WHOLE thing to be confidential, so i can't show anyone anything.

'M Back.

2007-07-24 04:59:49 by Zeppekk

'M Back, i dissapeared because my old modem crapped out, and then it took another 5 weeks for my crappy ISP to send me another one.

But now i'm back and i'll be heaps more active on the forums and everywhere else.